Women Faculty in Departments of Chemistry in Canada*

*Statistics are for 2001.

Copyright: © Dr. John Andraos, 2001


Alphabetic List of Women Faculty Members (including scientific lineages)

Alphabetic List of Women Faculty Members (updated for 2006) (including scientific lineages)

Gender Profile by Department

Age Profile for Women Faculty

Rank Profiles by Gender

Areas of Chemistry by Rank for Women Faculty

Areas of Chemistry: Traditional vs. Emerging Areas

Experience of Women Faculty

Women’s Faculty Award Winners (since 1992)

            Eligibility and Award Information (see http://www.nserc.ca )

            For views regarding this award, see

            Dr. Doreen Kimura, Dept. of Psychology, Simon Fraser University

            The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS)

Women in Science (Prof. Janis McKenna, Dept. Physics, UBC)